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Gartner Equipment Company is representative and distributor for the water and waste equipment industry throughout New York State.  We offer complete sales, service, and support for the engineered products we sell.  We specialize in submersible pumps for sewage transfer/collection, storm Waterwater control, and raw water intake; grinder pump systems for municipalities and residential development; water booster stations for tank-fill or system pressurization; implementation and use of variable frequency drives (VFD); process treatment systems to include clarifiers, submersible mixers, mixers, centrifuges, sluice/slide gates, and chemical metering; industrial pumps for exotic, corrosive, or abrasive fluid transfer;  and instrumentation for fluid level monitoring and pump controls. View our line card to see the products we offer.

Please feel free to contact us if you need product selection and design assistance or service for your existing equipment.


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