Gartner Equipment Company has been serving your needs since 1959

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Our parts inventory consists of complete units, parts ad accessory devices.  We maintain a perpetual inventory which enables us to answer phone, fax or e-mail inquiries promptly.  Parts and accessory needs.  Please visit our parts counter.Accessories

  • Alarms                                                  Motor Controls
  • Basins                                                    Pressures&Vacuum Switches
  • Check Valves                                      Pressure Gauge
  • Control Panels                                    Pressure Controllers
  • Fiberglass Pump Houses                 Pump Packing & Seals
  • Filters                                                    Quick Disconnect Fittings
  • Flow Controllers                                Specialty Valves
  • Flow Indicators                                   Strainers
  • Foot Valves                                          Tanks, Sumps, Basins
  • Glass Beads (Cataphote)                  Temperature and Pressure Regulators
  • Hose Assemblies                               Thermometers
  • Hose Reels
  • Level Controls
  • Mechanical Seals
  • Mixers
  • Motors


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